Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program (UAMP) COURSE

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by Ani David.

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It's Ani David here,..
It's amazing to have you as part of my affiliate family 🌟.
On this page, I'm thrilled to offer you some killer bonuses that will turbocharge your affiliate journey.
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(In this UAMP webinar, you’ll discover how to earn $1000 per month with your smartphone using “done-for-you scripts” on a free platform and no capital)

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✅ One-on-one mentorship to get you started with making sales immediately and guide you through every step of the way. That is an Extra mentorship – imagine getting mentored by 2 online gurus  (Priceless as you have direct access to me, and Joshua Mba)

✅ Access to the Facebook Groups that will get you serious buyers when you promote on it. [WORTH 5k]

✅ FREE Access to My Private Online Business Group “Dollar Affiliates” 😎 . We share legit tips on how to earn in dollars [Priceless🔥]

✅ You will get “The Affiliate Crusher Guide“: This is my personal ebook guide on how to drive massive traffic to your affiliate links [WORTH 10k]

✅ I will give you access to a video that exposes how to hold strategic engaging and successful Whatsapp group classes. You’ll easily convince your prospects to buy out your offers [WORTH 20k]

✅ You’ll also get access to texted and trusted Whatsapp Class Scripts For Affiliates that have millions in affiliate commissions. [WORTH 10k]

✅ You won’t find this anywhere. I’ll give you the Best Converting Follow Up Sequence For Marketers. Following up on prospects is one of the most important stages of the sales process. With this ebook, you’ll just copy, paste, and sale like crazy. [WORTH 10k]

✅ You’ll get a video on how to set up automated communications with your prospects on Whatsapp with our “Whatsapp Autoresponder Setup Tricks” [WORTH 10k]

✅ You’ll learn how to Create Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts with one Facebook Account: You’ll have enough Facebook Ads. accounts to run ads non-stop regardless of Facebook’s ban spree [WORTH 15k]

✅ You’ll also get an ebook on how to Unban any Facebook Ads Account FAST while still enjoying multiple Facebook accounts [WORTH 10k]

✅ You’ll get my “Smartphone WordPress Publishing Guide“. With this guide, you’ll be able to publish content that will rank high on Google all done with your smartphone [WORTH 15k]

✅ I’ll give you the Whatsapp Status Generator for Affiliates. You’ll never run out of contents to post on your WhatsApp status and keep your audience hooked and ready to buy from you [WORTH 15k]

✅ You’ll get an ebook that reveals How Top Affiliates Sell On WhatsApp. This book is published by a WhatsApp millionaire mentor and I’ll give it to you for free [WORTH 20k]

✅ I’ll give you access to a video to watch how we Host Zoom Classes Using Your Smartphone. Convert your leads to raving buyers with Zoom classes without the need for a laptop. [WORTH 10k]

✅ You’ll watch step by step on how to AUTOSAVE thousands of WhatsApp Contacts FOR FREE. This is a premium tutorial but you’ll get it for free from me [WORTH 15k]

✅ You’ll discover the untold secrets of Partnering With YouTubers as An Affiliate. This ebook is a top secret from a Canada-based affiliate marketer. You’ll get this ebook guide for free [WORTH 10k]

✅ You’ll learn how to Unban A WhatsApp number with our simple yet one-step secret. Just incase you have any banned numbers on WhatsApp, it’s time to activate and make money with your favorite WhatsApp number. [WORTH 10k]

✅ I will personally give you a book written by my mentor titled “Affiliate Marketers Social Media Handbook“. This book reveals how to position yourself as an authority on social media,, PLUS Free Scripts to monetize your social handles [WORTH 10k]

✅ Even if you’re a shy type, you’ll discover The Art of Public Speaking. This ebook can change your life both financially and emotionally. You’ll get it for free from me [WORTH 15k]

✅ I’ll send you a video to discover How to read Books and PDFs FAST and understand better. According to research, this strategy is the best way to study and retain knowledge for life. This is obviously an exam boost for students to study better [WORTH 10k]


✅ If you’re coachable you will Make MASSIVE Sales through my bonuses worth (over $250+ in total)

I have created these HOT bonuses to guide you because as always I love to take care of my own and see them successful

It’s one of the things that have kept me going online.

So the above bonuses will be all yours for free as soon as you get the UAMP affiliate through my link. 

This is like a thank you for trusting my recommendation.


Step 1: Click Here to get the UAMP Course by Joshua Mba

Step 2: Order/make your purchase

Step 3: Send me an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of your payment and your payment email address to claim your bonuses

I’ll give you access in 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you want to reach me faster, you can chat me on WhatsApp on 07018470195 and that’s it.

I look forward to seeing you succeed too with affiliate marketing

Hope this Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program (UAMP) bonuses will help you make the right financial decision and if you have questions feel free to reach out to me on WhatsApp. 

Ani David - Digital Catalyst, SEO Expert, Youtuber and Creator