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Who Needs This Training More..?

1. Digital Artists and AI Art Enthusiasts:

Are you someone who is passionate about creating digital arts, even as an AI artist, and you want to be able to display your arts: it could be an art studio, an art gallery… Just as you dreamt of ??

2. Photographers and Photo Studios:

Are you a creative soul who has a knack for capturing breathtaking images and stunning photographs and you want to add framing services to your existing offerings or expand your portfolio??

3. Framing Enthusiasts:

Do you have a keen interest in the art of framing and you want to turn your passion into a profitable business venture?

4. Hobbyists Turned Professionals:

Did you start picture framing as a hobby and now wish to transition into a more serious and profitable framing business?

5. Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Students:

Are you a student, unemployed, or someone looking for a creative and flexible side business opportunity you can run from your home or studio and make serious money

What to Know about this Training

Best wall Art Affiliate Program

NOTE: This training is for all skill levels – starting from absolute Beginners who haven’t raised a ruler before.. 

  • You will be taken through the complete process of planning and making Single and Canvas Multi Panels with any image of your choice..
  • We started off with identifying the materials, tools, sites, and apps used in stretching canvas prints frames.. 
  • Followed by a step-by-step process on how to calculate, measure, and even manually cut the canvas wooden bars by yourself.. 
  • Yes, you can learn at your own pace, on your schedule.. 
  • Videos and image guides are used for the lessons.
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🔥 Our Secret Affordable Framing Tools (Value: $37) 

This exclusive lecture will introduced you to our secret top-notch affordable tools and clever practices that'll make framing a breeze without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to expensive equipment and hello to affordable brilliance.

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🔥 Best Apps, Softwares and Sites for Framing (Value: $49)

We revealed the secret sauce of using the latest tech to create stunning custom frames effortlessly including where to discover stunning images for interior wall designs.

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🔥 Single Panel Canvas Wall Art (Value: $79)

You'll gain the expertise of choosing the perfect materials to transform ordinary images into extraordinary art pieces of single panel canvas prints that leave everyone in awe.

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Canvas Multi Panel Wall Art of 5 Sets (Value: $397)

In this mind-blowing lecture, you'll unlock the secrets to crafting jaw-dropping 5 in 1 multi-panel canvas arrangements with tips on designing for printing to framing, packaging and delivery to your lovely clients

Canvas Multi Panel Wall Art of 4 Sets (Value: $397)

Learn to create captivating 4 in 1 canvas multi panel arrangements that exude elegance and style. From layout design to seamless framing techniques, you'll craft gallery-worthy art that impresses.

Canvas Multi Panel Wall Art of 3 Sets (Value: $169)

You'll discover the art of framing sleek 3 in 1 split canvas wall art that demands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Screenshot 20230804 082319

Canvas Multi Panel Wall Art of 3 Sets - FAT (Value: $169)

Do you like them big? Get ready to learn how to frame and showcase your artistic prowess with stunning 3 in 1 big-sized multi panel canvas art also known as the "Triptychs"

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Multi Panel Wall Art of 3 Sets - Vertical (Value: $297)

In this game-changing lecture, you'll master the art of crafting one-of-a-kind vertical triptychs that make jaws drop. From layout design to flawless framing, you'll craft wall-worthy art that stands out from the rest


Canvas Multi Panel Wall Art of 2 Sets (Value: $129)

Time to double the impact of your canvas experience. In this lecture, you'll learn how to create stunning 2 in 1 Split canvas designs or the "Diptychs".

Screenshot 20230804 074352

Star Gallery Diagonal Canvas Panels (Value: $479)

Get ready to master the technique to create captivating star-like premium canvas artwork that radiates brilliance. You'll learn to craft diagonal shape canvas wall arts from design tips to seamless framing.

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Canvas Wall Gallery Ideas (Value: $49)

From layout designs to mixing and matching, you'll master the art of curating wall galleries that are creative and captivating. With our gallery template, you'll transform any space into an art haven that wows everyone who enters.

Screenshot 20230804 075044

Adding Working Clock On Canvas Panels (Value: $39)

In this tutorial, you'll learn the art of incorporating neat and real working clocks on the multiple panel canvas arts within a few minutes with minimum effort. Impress your clients with time-ticking masterpieces

Screenshot 20230804 075518

Wall Canvas Best Hanging Techniques (Value: $37)

From proper spacing, and measuring techniques to seamless alignment, you'll uncover top-notch techniques to flawlessly hang multi-panel canvas walls and create stunning art displays.

Screenshot 20230804 082805

Photoshop Design Tutorials for Canvas Arts (Value: $377)

Access easy-to-follow Photoshop tutorials tailored for complete beginners. Learn to craft breathtaking multi panel canvas wall arts step-by-step using design templates that make your framing journey a breeze.

Screenshot 20220628 115750

Virtual Design Template for Wall Canvas Arts (Value: $179)

Have complete creative control and eliminate guesswork with our virtual designs template that let you see precisely how your multi-panel canvas will look before printing and framing. Master precision, finesse and avoid costly mistakes

Screenshot 20230804 080844

Premium Mockups & Templates - Downloads (Value: $729)

Download exclusive mockups and templates that will elevate your canvas prints to a whole new level of professionalism. From realistic mockups to ready-to-use templates. Everything you need to showcase your art like a pro.


Branding & Marketing Secrets (Value: $157)

This lecture is dedicated to insider secrets to creating a powerful brand identity, crafting compelling marketing strategies, consistently attracting wealthy clients, and standing out as a pro in the framing industry.

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Consistent Partnership With Photo Studios (Value: $49)

You'll discover the keys to forming strong and consistent partnerships with photo studios. From building relationships to providing top-notch service, you'll become popular among photographers seeking top-tier framing services

Screenshot 20230804 081455

Finding Printing Companies Near You (Value: $49)

You'll discover our insider trick of locating reliable printing companies for your prints and frame work, ensuring top-notch quality and fast turnaround times. Every framer needs the perfect print partner.

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Access to our Whatsapp Community (Value: $277)

As a student of the PPP Training, you'll gain exclusive entry to our close-knit WhatsApp community, where you can connect with fellow students, ask questions, share ideas, get support, and celebrate your framing wins with like-minded creatives.

Ani David Books

Picture Framing Complete Guide Ebook (Bonus) (Value: $79)

You'll also receive an exclusive bonus ebook that covers aspects of building traditional picture frames. From beginner tips to advanced techniques, you'll have this comprehensive guide at your fingertips.

Canvas Wall Art Affiliate Program

...and Mores Lectures to be added Frequently (Value: $1000+)

We included a special module dedicated to fresh lectures for your continuous growth and updates with the latest canvas designs, cutting-edge techniques, and industry trends.


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My passion for creativity and business prowess has positioned me as a visionary in this industry.

But this journey isn’t just about me; it’s about us. 

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That’s the heart and soul of the Picture Perfect Profits Training Course.

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