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Who Needs This Training More..?

1. Digital Artists and AI Art Enthusiasts:

Are you someone who is passionate about creating digital arts, even as an AI artist, and you want to be able to display your arts: it could be an art studio, an art gallery… Just as you dreamt of ??

2. Photographers and Photo Studios:

Are you a creative soul who has a knack for capturing breathtaking images and stunning photographs and you want to add framing services to your existing offerings or expand your portfolio??

3. Framing Enthusiasts:

Do you have a keen interest in the art of framing and you want to turn your passion into a profitable business venture?

4. Hobbyists Turned Professionals:

Did you start picture framing as a hobby and now wish to transition into a more serious and profitable framing business?

5. Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Students:

Are you a student, unemployed, or someone looking for a creative and flexible side business opportunity you can run from your home or studio and make serious money

What to Know about this Training

Best wall Art Affiliate Program

NOTE: This training is for all skill levels – starting from absolute Beginners who haven’t raised a ruler before.. 

  • You will be taken through the complete process of planning and making Single and Canvas Multi Panels with any image of your choice..
  • We started off with identifying the materials, tools, sites, and apps used in stretching canvas prints frames.. 
  • Followed by a step-by-step process on how to calculate, measure, and even manually cut the canvas wooden bars by yourself.. 
  • Yes, you can learn at your own pace, on your schedule.. 
  • Videos and image guides are used for the lessons.

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